The quality of Virtual Reality experiences depends on the computing power of the PC and on the features of the viewer. Vection analyzes the needs of its customers and, in relation to the project to be developed, suggests the most suitable technological solutions.

  • PC

    PCs must be powerful enough to make the user experience live without causing motion sickness or generating obvious lag, and be equipped with VR Ready graphics cards. In general, the characteristics of PCs must be adapted to the real technical characteristics of the experiences created.

  • Viewers

    Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of all the news on the market and to the experience of our development team, Vection knows how to recommend the most suitable viewer, taking as a basis the fact that there is no perfect viewer for any kind of experience. In general, Vection uses viewers with or without external sensors, with viewing angles of at least 100 ° and with resolutions no lower than 960 * 1080 pixels.