Virtual reality

Custom Creation

Immerse yourself in an environment
virtual, real or imaginary,
made to fit the needs of your business.

Do you want to promote a product in a memorable way, explain the functioning of an industrial line, emotionally involve potential customers, perfect the technical skills of your staff?

Virtual Reality Custom Creations by Vection allows all this.



Areas of application

Show your product with perfect details in a totally immersive virtual environment.
  • Show the product in any context and situation, even remotely, faithfully reproducing its size, functionality and appearance.
  • Take your product to the fair in a virtual way, saving costs.
  • Make the product memorable by inserting it into an addictive game (gamification).
  • Use the potential of Virtual Reality to communicate in a way
Enhance from your commercial offer and allow the customer to customize the product.
  • Preview a product or an environment (for example an apartment or a stand) with the possibility of customizations in real time.
  • Create complete catalogs or entire showrooms in Virtual Reality, to always carry them with you.
  • It illustrates the functioning of a complex automation through 3D animations.

Areas of application

Help staff learn tasks and become familiar with security measures.
  • Train staff to use machines and automation, to adopt certain procedures or sales behavior.
  • Make Virtual Training projects on safety for your employees.
Improve technical projects step by step and communicate progress easily and immediately.
  • Make it easier to understand an ongoing project, saving time and costs.
  • Develop a product without building anything, reaching the prototyping stage in less time and with greater certainty.