Technology made in Italy: Vection is the formula of success

Since its foundation, Vection has always aimed at making ideas real. Managed by two young entrepreneurs, Lorenzo Biagi and Andrea Bortolotti, who believed in their vision and in the potential of 3D projecting software, when knowledge about this technology wasn’t spread yet.

But it didn’t take long before the leading manufacturing players of the automotive, yachting and furniture markets became aware of this futuristic conception of the product’s development process and approached this reliable and cutting-edge, on premise, technology, capable of generating a multi-user space in which to interact with objects.

Starting from the configuration of an outdoor product – which allowed to explore the software’s possibilities, while also testing and fine-tuning it - Vection had the ability to intercept the companies’ needs and to offer them a completely customized project. The result? A software that provides realistic simulation of 3D objects and environments, enabling designers to visualise the product and to modify it at their liking. When technology serves creativity, it opens up the chance to experiment, to search for new forms and materials, to test endless combinations in a few seconds. The creative process’ boundaries are broken, while both time and costs related to product development decrease.

The outstanding results and acknowledgment achieved didn’t stop Vection, that decided to test its own value by taking a new challenge: in 2019 the company became the first Italian technology company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The climbing to the international markets wasn’t exactly without obstacles: it demanded sacrifice and perseverance. And after a tiring and complex path, Vection became a more structured company with a new scalable product: Frame-S. This collaborative Virtual reality platform helps companies improve the product’s development processes in a smart and intuitive way. Conceived to support and simplify the work of corporate Engineering, Projects and Marketing divisions, Frame-S enables more users to take part in the creative process, with a sensible reduction in terms of time and costs of development.

Thanks to the reliability of an innovative software, to the flexibility of a custom product and to a certain dose of courage, in a mere 4 years Vection grew to be a multinational corporation, currently counting on a staff of 70 people and 4 offices in 3 continents. But Vection’s journey doesn’t stop, with projects of new openings in Northern Europe, USA, China and in the Arab Emirates.

Vection is the proof that intuition, commitment and courage have the power to turn dreams into reality.