Vection 3D configurators can be built on different types of hardware and base their specifications on the technical characteristics that each of them offers. In summary, there are 3 different types of graphic configurators, based on 3 different platforms:

  • 1- Portable 3D touch configurator: it is the most efficient configurator in moving sales, to be used by customers, in showrooms or near the product to be configured. The configurator runs on a mobile platform (smartphone or tablet) with different resolutions based on the characteristics of the hardware. Vection's 3D configurators on the latest generation iPad Pro platform, for example, take full advantage of the physical potential of Apple graphics cards, guaranteeing speed in use and excellent results in product visualization.

  • 2- 3D PC or MAC ready configurator: it is a configurator that leverages the computing power of PCs and their ability to display the software on screens of any size or technical feature (for example, on very large touch screens). The configurator therefore enhances visual quality and usability, and is designed taking into account the tools available (mouse, keyboard, fingers, etc.).

  • 3- Web based 3D configurator: it is a configurator that uses the PC's web browser and guarantees a great updating capacity, working directly on the server. In this case, the PC is the instrument on which the configurator "supports" the calculation (determining the quality of the render in real time) or is a simple means of visualization (with the calculation that takes place on the server, while the high-performance display in real time it is entrusted to the browser).