3D Real-Time Configurator

Give your customer what he wants
through a 3D configurator that turns all 
his wishes into reality.

Put the buying experience of potential buyers at the center of your customer centric strategies. In a market focused on extreme product customization, Vection develops 3D real-time product configurators on web, Android, iOS, OSx and Windows platforms that can be used on PCs, tablets and smartphones, also taking advantage of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies .

You can choose between our multi-product configuration platforms.


Areas of application

Conquer the customer by enhancing realism and involvement in 3D.
  • Meet the needs of your target audience and help them make their purchase decisions.
  • Acquire data and preferences of the potential customer in a simple way.
  • Position your company at the top in terms of attention to the consumer and technological updating ..

Areas of application

Make the online / offline shopping experience of the customer exciting.
  • Implement sales actions with a tool of strong appeal to the consumer.
  • Allow the sales force to present products clearly and effectively.
Save time and costs on new product development.
  • It internally studies product customizations before launching them on the market.