Board of Directors

Gianmarco Biagi


Mr Gianmarco Biagi is an experienced executive, having served as CEO and board member of several Italian and multinational manufacturing corporations. His last experience was as general manager of Luxury Living Group (140M€ in revenues per year). Mr Biagi has a post graduate degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business and Strategic Management.

Bert Mondello


Mr Mondello has more than 20 years' experience across both the private and public sectors. An as Executive, Mr Mondello has substantial capital markets experience and knowledge of equity markets having participated in company restructures, IPOs, RTOs, investor placements and seed raisings. With experience spanning multiple industries, with a specialisation in technology. Across his career, including as CEO of ZipTel Limited (ASX: ZIP), Mr Mondello has been pivotal in challenging the status quo with innovation in new technologies across a myriad of products and offerings. Mr Mondello holds a Bachelor of Laws from The University of Notre Dame, Australia.

Lorenzo Biagi


Mr Lorenzo Biagi is an experienced company manager in the private sector, with extensive knowledge in virtual reality technology, sales and cost control management. While managing corporate development processes for more than 10 years, Mr Biagi has implemented new procedures and technologies helping make the companies he worked for and with, leaders in innovation.

Gianmarco Orgnoni


Mr Orgnoni has skills extending across corporate finance, investment banking and research analysis. Mr Orgnoni has extensive experience in offering corporate advisory and finance analysis across European and Australian private and publicly listed companies. Mr Orgnoni has worked closely with and has provided adversarial services to a number of companies spanning from civil engineering, education, technology, biotechnology and real estate. Mr Orgnoni holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and Business Administration from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, Italy.