virtual reality application for retail


The omnichannel challenge and the need to create a “seamless” experience between different sales channels are the basis of virtual reality for retail.

Thanks to this technology it is in fact possible to reach consumer and business targets even at a distance, keeping purchasing processes alive and increasing loyalty through digital touchpoints such as virtual online store, virtual showroom and virtual fair.

Shopping in virtual reality

The e-commerce phenomenon has cleared customs for the use of digital as a widespread space for shopping, open 24/7. Despite this, marketplaces have taken away a lot of the emotional experience in store and this is even more true in times of closures and mobility restrictions.

From a b2c perspective, there is an opportunity to fully reproduce the spaces of a store in virtual reality, creating a 3D model very similar to the physical one, optimized to ensure the best shopping experience thanks to the visual merchandising functions. The user can thus experience the thrill of walking between the departments and admiring the goods display, using a viewer or devices such as a tablet or mobile phone.

virtual reality application for retail: virtual reality store

For b2b, it is necessary to offer the shopkeepers and retailers of the brand the opportunity to “touch” the quality of the product, in its textures and varieties. Unfortunately, the photographic survey may lack reality as regards, for example, the actual color or fit of the goods; which is why the virtual showroom is the perfect solution to meet the different needs of dealers.

Thanks to virtual reality, you can create a virtual showroom with all the features, where you can look at the different items with realistic quality and choose what to buy in real time. All can be explored with 3D glasses or viewers, for a more aware and pleasant shopping experience.

virtual reality application for retail: virtual showroom

Finally, the suspension of public events has led to a major problem for some sectors, such as fashion, as regards the presentation of collections to world buyers. Also in this case, virtual reality technology allows the creation of dedicated virtual fairs, where fashion houses and designers can create a live experience of the fashion shows that can be enjoyed by all guests.

virtual reality application for retail: virtual fair

Vection creates customized virtual reality solutions for retail companies in different sectors.

Thanks to the skills and expertise gained with top players such as Armani and Fendi Casa, Vection is the ideal partner for the digital transformation of companies.

By David

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