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The pharma sector is characterized by a high rate of research and development, due to the need to promptly produce new or improved drugs in composition.
Virtual reality for pharmaceuticals is a great resource, as it allows you to speed up and increase the effectiveness of medicines, achieving excellent results in terms of performance and compliance.

Virtual reality and computer aided drug design

The world of laboratories and the study of active ingredients finds a great ally in computer aided drug design (CADD). And virtual reality can make this method even more reliable, especially with respect to the structure-based drug design component, that is the three-dimensional and realistic rendering of the particles involved in the experiment.

vection virtual reality solutions computer aided drug design

The challenge that pharmaceutical companies often face is that of the perfect molecule for the selected target.
Virus proteins are flexible and can exist in many conformations; this makes it difficult to find the right form for the antiviral agent and is one of the reasons why it takes a long time to discover vaccines.

vection virtual reality solutions in the laboratory and experimentation

Think for example of what is happening in the research against Covid-19: the spike protein has proved difficult to identify in its shape and size with traditional methods and it was only with new technologies such as virtual reality applied to computer aided drug design that has been able to speed up the production of an effective vaccine.

vection virtual reality solutions research covid-19 vaccine

Vection creates customized virtual reality solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

Thanks to the skills and expertise gained with top players in the sector, Vection is the ideal partner for the digital transformation of the pharma sector.

By David

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