Great success for the Italian meeting organized on December 11, 2019, in Bologna, by Vection Technologies, mainly focused on "The new frontiers of Augmented and Virtual Reality, aimed at increasing business performances". During the event, entrepreneurs, company managers and journalists had the chance to verify how much the new technologies, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in particular, can positively affect the companies’ workflow, while also allowing costs decrease, reducing time to market and increasing sales.

The meeting was introduced by Gianmarco Biagi, Vection Technologies’ Managing Director, who summarized the path undertaken so far by Vection and the international growth plan to be pursued in the coming years. Biagi has also illustrated how technological evolution has come to be an incontrovertible phenomenon and how new technologies should be seen as an enhancement of both human skills and the prospects of businesses of all sizes, from small companies to multinationals.

Thanks also to Roberto Gemma, CEO of Altea Up, a System Integrator which recently signed a partnership agreement with Vection Technologies. Gemma highlighted the importance of new technologies as a tool for connecting people and processes, harmonizing the work of companies. In particular, Altea Up recognizes in Virtual Reality a key help to make companies more efficient, effective and quicker to reach the market, a valid support for those who deal with the style, production and sale of products.

Afterwards, Francesco Leali, President of the Advanced Automotive Engineering Degree Course and coordinator of MUNER - Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna, was called on stage. Leali explained how important it is in this historical period, characterized by rapid changes, to provide cutting-edge training and skills. MUNER therefore takes care of preparing the new automotive professionals in the best possible way, thanks also to tools such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, fully aware that the real challenge of tomorrow will be the competition between territories - understood as systems of businesses - skills and people.

Andrea Bortolotti, CTO of Vection Technologies, finally illustrated the growth prospects of new technologies in the immediate future and the application scenarios of both Augmented and Virtual Reality, showing the public various case histories. In addition, Bortolotti presented the world premiere of FrameS, the new multi-player collaborative platform in Virtual Reality created by Vection. FrameS, which is the result of the long experience gained by the software house alongside the most prestigious international brands in the automotive, manufacturing, fashion, engineering and naval sectors, will revolutionize the way we develop and market new products.

At the end of the meeting, the guests were invited to experiment with FrameS and find out how the platform can respond to the needs of businesses.

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