augmented reality vection for art with poetronicart


PoetronicArt, the Italian startup creator of the permanent and interactive digital space dedicated to art "Art Business Village", has decided to rely on Vection Technologies and the cutting-edge technologies developed by the company for the transition to Industry 4.0.

The collaboration involves using the latest generation solutions proposed by Vection, especially augmented reality and virtual reality models, to offer PoetronicArt web visitors an all-round experience, completely immersed in the digital dimension of the "Art Business Village ".

The combination of the expertise of the two companies represents a great opportunity for both and for the future of the world of museums, art and culture.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, this sector has been heavily penalized and has therefore felt the need to reinvent itself to cope with a completely new situation. The limitations imposed have helped to accelerate the digital transformation process, making the decisive role of new technologies increasingly evident.

Find out how Vection is innovating digital transformation technologies in the museums, cultural heritage and art sectors.

By David

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