Vection Technologies and Studiofarma Srl, a software house linked to the multinational CompuGroup Medical SE, are developing together the eHealth computer vision application, which will be presented by CGM at the Cosmofarma fair, scheduled in Bologna, April 17-19, 2020.

CompuGroup Medical SE, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and with a turnover of over 700 million euros, is one of the world's leading electronic healthcare companies, thanks to the production of software - distributed in over 50 countries - that supports the clinical and organizational activities of medical offices, pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals.

eHealth, the application that Vection is developing for CompuGroup, is an innovative, simple and effective tool aimed at the world of pharmacies, among CompuGroup's target audience. By exploiting the potential of Augmented Reality, the application will allow chemists to scan and identify pharmaceutical products intuitively via smart devices, view product information, read multiple barcodes in one single scan, identify the user's prescription, make an inventory of products and manage supplies in real time, thus greatly improving overall workflow efficiency.

eHealth will be perfectly integrated with the line of specific management software for pharmacies already marketed by CGM, and will also allow the integration of smart devices such as smart glasses, smartphones and tablets, with a consequent reduction in hardware costs for scanning devices.

"The collaboration with CGM represents a huge opportunity to potentially reach a client base of 1 million health professionals: doctors, dentists, chemists and other service providers in inpatient and outpatient facilities" said Gianmarco Biagi, Vection’s Managing Director. "The eHealth application is an innovative solution ready to revolutionize the pharmaceutical software sector and aligns with our 2020 strategy."

The collaboration with CGM in the development and marketing of the eHealth application is therefore a valuable opportunity for Vection to grow and is part of the strategy of specializing in the healthcare sector, expanding its software offer with specific solutions. In fact, this new application goes alongside FrameS Dental, enriching the suite of SaaS products dedicated to the world of health.

"The collaboration with Vection is important for our market, because it allows us to bring a strong innovation into the world of pharmacies" commented Oscar Sommaggio, General Manager of Studiofarma's. "The growing demands of increasingly informed customers and the large amount of information that the pharmacist must manage necessarily require technological support, such as the Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality software created by Vection. With this agreement we hope to evolve the pharmaceutical market, projecting it into a new dimension."

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