Vection Technologies is developing a customized version of FrameS, intended for education and training in the dental sector. FrameS Dental, as the new platform is called, was commissioned by D&D, a company that designs and manufactures dental prostheses, and which now aims to operate as an accredited provider for the provision of training for Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs.

D&D plans to use FrameS Dental to train dentists through Virtual Reality simulation. FrameS technology, therefore, will be applied to the dental sector to meet the needs of the medical training market, always looking for innovative and effective educational programs. Already in 2018, it is estimated that investments in Virtual Reality in the medical sector have involved training to the extent of 34.8%.

FrameS Dental is a Virtual Reality platform composed of multiple modules, designed to deal with a wide range of situations. Each module addresses specific treatments, procedures or courses such as root canal work, dental implantology and more.

More specifically, through FrameS Dental dentists will be able to simulate various activities in Virtual Reality, such as: surgical dental implantology procedures (gum incision, bone drilling, dental implant, etc.); surgical extraction procedures; dental scaling procedures; common dental care procedures.

In addition, FrameS Dental allows you to view common pathologies such as dental cavities and periodontal diseases through ultra-realistic reproductions of dental arches, obtained by CT scans.

The high graphic detail of the simulation and the totally immersive experience, which faithfully reproduces objects and materials within the oral environment, are the strengths of a platform that guarantees significant advantages for both dentists and end users. FrameS Dental is in fact an interactive and modern educational tool: the training and simulation of dental skills in real time allows to increase both doctors' skills and the level of clinical performance, with an inevitable increase in patient safety.

In a global healthcare market where Virtual Reality will affect $ 30.4 billion by 2026, and with 1 million active dentists worldwide (340,000 in Europe; around 200,000 in the US), FrameS Dental is one of the software that Vection Technologies has included in its SaaS 2020 suite of products, with the aim of being among the protagonists of the healthcare sector.

The entry of Vection Technologies into the dental education market is the first strategic step of a long-term path, along which FrameS will be further developed, in order to increasingly become a tool at the service of healthcare professionals, who, by exploiting the potential of Virtual Reality, will be able to transform their way of learning, planning and operating.

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