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Today Extended Technologies and Virtual Reality (VR) make industrial processes related to design, prototyping, production, customization more efficient.

The integration of CAD, 3D rendering and VR in a single tool represents an innovative approach, still unknown for many categories of professionals, who still rely on a plurality of asynchronous and non-performing design software.

Is it therefore possible to make the realization of a photorealistic CAD rendering in real time more fluid and faster? The answer is yes, thanks to immersive technologies and new solutions that guarantee interoperability between systems.

vection mindesk rendering 3d cad real-time e fotorealistico

Unconnected CAD and 3D Rendering reduce efficiency

There are still many professionals who use advanced software, even based on BIM (Building Information Model), but not connected to each other for the various design phases.

In fact, it happens that operations are fragmented on various platforms, starting from the creation of a geometric model in CAD with consequent importation of the model on a 3d rendering program in order to create all the product finishes (shadows, reflections, chiaroscuro, etc.)

These numerous steps cause long times, greater possibility of error and, consequently, a less than optimal result.

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The advantages of a tool that integrates CAD, 3D rendering and VR

A tool that integrates CAD, 3D Rendering and Virtual Reality into a continuous workflow it is the ideal solution to solve the inefficiencies described in the previous paragraph.

Thanks to the synergy with Unreal Engine and CAD, Mindesk by Vection Technologies guarantees a linear and reliable design process. All about:

  • One software.
  • In collaborative mode, with the opportunity to work with several people at the same time on the same object, sharing changes instantly.
  • Without the need to carry out repetitive exports and imports from one program to another.

A tool like this improves the performance and efficiency of processes, as it determines:

  • Time savings and increased productivity.
    The synchrony between the various systems means that while working on the CAD model, the rendering goes hand in hand. This is Mindesk's live link function, which allows you to view the two phases in unison, making CAD and 3D rendering simultaneous to all effects.
    This significantly shortens time and facilitates the localization of any shape or design defects in real time, avoiding the production of prototypes or scale models.

vection mindesk live link cad rendering 3d real-time

  • Agile design, starting from the material.
    Even when the focus of the project is on the potential of the material and the shapes it can take, Mindesk's live link function is particularly useful: the materiality is expressed in all its versatility in the 3D rendering connected to CAD, allowing you to distinguish folds with clarity. , shadows and reflections.

  • Better customer experience and personalization.
    Real-time modifications and live design reviews. While previously customer requests required several days of project review, with Mindesk and live link it is possible to show the various customizations on the spot.
    This is a win-win advantage, both for the designer who can proceed more quickly with the work avoiding misunderstandings or late changes by the customer, both for the customer himself who can immediately see the photorealistic result of the various changes and confirm them.

Mindesk with live link is the optimization choice for all those areas where precision design is a crucial phase of the industrial process, such as in the nautical sector, automotive, architecture, real estate, design, furniture and many others.

Optimize project quality and output timing today.

By David

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