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Vection Technologies develops cutting-edge solutions for the digital transformation of businesses, through innovative software and technologies of augmented reality and virtual reality.

In January, the signing of the pilot agreement with the renowned agri-food brand Mutti, specialized in the production of canned and tomato-based specialties, sold all over the world.

The project involves the use of Trainer Creator Ⓡ, a native application created by Vection, thanks to which operators and technicians can view specific information in augmented reality in real time through an intelligent viewer.

The support provided by this technology will make the brand's operations more efficient, faster and cheaper, reducing lead times and learning on the job.

Gianmarco Biagi, Managing Director of Vection Technologies, said that since its launch, which took place a few months ago, the Trainer Creator Ⓡ software has aroused strong market interest, together with the dynamic and customized augmented reality solutions proposed by the company.

This new agreement, the first of its kind for the agri-food industry, in addition to representing a huge growth opportunity for Vection, confirms that augmented reality solutions represent the future of businesses and are applicable in every sector.

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By David

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