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The Model-Based Philosophy leads to the creation, organization and subsequent management of a cutting-edge 3D model, whose meticulous details are able to best express the final design intent.

As such, the Model-Based Philosophy stands as an all-inclusive tool for an ambitious mission: to simplify processes by reducing errors.
In this sense, the MBP represents:

  • is an innovative approach to engineering issues
  • is an important means of addressing the growing problematic nature of systems, while at the same time allowing to drastically reduce costs, production time and the inherent risks associated with their development.

The impact of technological globalization and the precision standards achieved make the top-down approach of Model Based Philosophy the most suitable for planning the immediate future.

vection model based philosophy model 3d

Model-Based Philosophy and 3D models revolutionize the product development process

Product development, a very complex and constantly evolving field, is an excellent example of the challenge between 'old but gold' and 'brand new strategy'; and the adoption of the latter seems to be the only real solution.

Consequently, the Model Based Philosophy, together with the use of 3D models in the product design phase, reflects the second option and leads to better management of complexity, maximizing customer lifetime value.

The current business environment, increasingly dynamic and interconnected, has come to challenge the limits of traditional approaches like never before, aiming more and more at technological progress.

vection model based philosophy 3d vs. 2d

From here, the engineering practices, processes and tools used must necessarily evolve at the same pace as technological innovations, not only to face the increasing difficulties, but also and above all to be able to capitalize on them.

In the past, engineering processes relied on a physical representation of the 2D drawing to convey the shape and fit information needed to drive production.

The technological revolution has highlighted numerous problems related to this procedure:

  • 2D drawings have begun to prove increasingly inadequate to capture and express the innovations created by engineers, negatively affecting the complete definition of the project.
  • Furthermore, this methodology does not allow to collaborate remotely and is based on external data sources disconnected from the design, which makes interpretation errors more frequent, often resulting in design non-conformities.

vection model based philosophy technical data packages

Technical Data Packages: what they are and why they represent the future with Model-Based Philosophy

The innovative strength of Model-Based Philosophy lies in the creation and sharing of ready-to-use 'Technical Data Packages' (TDP).

TDPs are a unique package which, in addition to including the 3D model, also includes all associated data capable of precisely describing the product in question by interacting visually on the model.

The union between 3D model and data gives the package an unambiguous and effective communication, to be used directly with the customer without the need to combine a 2D drawing with a long list of disconnected and misinterpretable technical information.

This model therefore guarantees to correctly convey all the specifications necessary for each aspect of the product life cycle; it can also be composed, annotated and implemented downstream for further operations including coding, classification, cost / productivity analysis and much more.

The TDP therefore assumes fundamental importance, becoming the quality tool to be used throughout the production journey, from the initial analysis, through the actual design, up to the actual construction of the product.

Vection helps companies to implement Model-Based Philosophy within business processes, improving performance and production efficiency.

Thanks to 3D configuration solutions, augmented reality, virtual reality, Vection is the ideal partner for the creation of customized systems for industries belonging to different sectors and specializations.

Find out what Vection can do for your business.

By David

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