augmented reality application for museums


"Augmented reality in museum environments" or augmented reality at the service of the cultural activities of museums and art galleries. A way of enriching the experience in contact with beauty, involving visitors and communicating information in an interactive and fun way.

Augmented reality for cultural heritage

The digital transformation of the culture sector is a process that began a short time ago and has accelerated with the application of immersive technologies such as augmented reality for cultural heritage.

More and more museum institutions are adopting this solution to increase the engagement of visitors, who can finally access extraordinary content directly from their mobile devices, for example by framing a QR code or turning the camera to a specific work.

Beyond the functionality and practicality of augmented reality for museums, on many occasions it is the same technology that offers the spectacle of art, thanks to the creation of dynamic 3D reproductions dedicated to monuments or paintings that no longer exist.
There are also exhibitions that start from a concept totally fruit of augmented reality, in an experiential and emotional path that aims to make knowledge more intuitive and attractive, especially for younger audiences.

augmented reality application for museums and cultural heritage

augmented reality application for museums and cultural heritage

Augmented reality in art

Technologies like augmented reality have no limits in what they can create. This is particularly important in art, where the versatility factor is essential to promote new ways of enjoying beauty.

Grazie alla realtà aumentata l’arte diventa multisensoriale, in quanto al senso della vista si aggiunge quello dell’udito, anch’esso ora protagonista. La customer journey si amplia ad altri mondi e il visitatore si sente circondato da maggiori impulsi, non presenti precedentemente.

augmented reality application for museums and multisensory art

Vection has signed an innovative agreement with PoetronicArt, a start-up dedicated to the promotion of art and artists in the digital field.

Thanks to its skills and the expertise gained in augmented reality, Vection is the ideal partner for the digital transformation of the museums and culture sector.

By David

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