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The healthcare and medicine sector is among those with the most interesting development of augmented reality technologies applied to different care routines, both in the diagnostic field and for surgery, in the treatment of complex pathologies and also for training. remotely of hospital staff.

Augmented reality applied to health represents the new frontier for doctors and patients all over the world and is proving particularly useful for the global pandemic situation, allowing remote operations to be carried out in total safety.

Augmented reality for diagnosis

Augmented reality facilitates the diagnosis of patients for numerous cases:

  • Allows the doctor to view the medical record at the same time as the patient's visit, through viewers that project information in real time (FrameS);
  • Improves diagnostic imaging and dedicated care
  • In radiology, it provides more advanced performance than traditional ultrasound. By combining and superimposing multiple digital images it is in fact possible to have more detailed CT reports.

vection augmented reality solutions for diagnosing patients

Augmented reality in the operating room

Augmented reality in medicine is an increasingly frequent occurrence in everyday hospital practices.
The news of the first augmented reality operation is in February 2020 worldwide, carried out at a hospital in the city of Bologna.

From the emergency room to the operating room, augmented reality allows surgeons to improve the quality and effectiveness of the procedures performed.
Thanks to viewers, holograms and haptic technologies, doctors can view the parts of the body to be operated on in greater detail and 3D resolution. In this way the accuracy and safety of the result is increased, reducing times and probability of error.

Augmented reality also makes it possible to interface teams present in different countries of the world, both for consulting activities during the operation, and for remote interventions with multiple specialists.

This possibility is particularly useful for the current situation, but also for procedures in isolated countries or countries affected by wars and humanitarian crises.
From this point of view, telemonitoring technology with augmented reality allows the surgeon in the field to see the information directly on the area to be operated on, while another remote colleague can assist him and help him in the various steps.

vection augmented reality solutions in the operating room for surgery

Augmented reality and medical education

Augmented reality is proving particularly useful for medical training and updating of healthcare personnel.

First of all, augmented reality allows you to train and simulate a complete operation (cyber anatomy), resulting in the visualization of vital parameters in progress, recording the intervention and training for the correct therapy.

The application of augmented reality is also very interesting in the further preparatory phases for the intervention: thanks to this technology it is possible to scan the patient's venous system, in order to provide precise indications to the healthcare professionals who will have to deal with anesthesia and the administration of medicines during the operation.
In fact, a recent statistic has shown that in 40% of cases the first attempt to find the vein is unsuccessful and the percentage increases in the presence of children or babies.

vection augmented reality solutions for medical training

Vection offers customized augmented reality solutions for healthcare and medicine.

He recently collaborated with the Moscati hospital in Avellino and the Luiss Business school for the introduction of augmented reality technologies directly in the operating room and for contactless access to clinical information.

Thanks to the skills and expertise gained, Vection is the ideal partner for the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

By David

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