augmented reality application for automation manufacturing


Augmented reality plays an increasingly crucial role in industrial applications. Even in the automation manufacturing sector, augmented reality represents the perfect technology for remote maintenance, operator training on the job and prototyping of new solutions requested by customers.

Thanks to the global panorama and the current need to continue operations in "remote" mode, the automation manufacturing company needs new models in order to optimize its business activity.

Augmented reality for maintenance

Carrying out a test or solving a fault on the production line would require the dispatch of specialized operators to the customer's premises.
In fact, traditional remote assistance systems have often presented critical issues in the effective resolution of the problems encountered and this has prompted many automation manufacturing companies to continue with face-to-face interventions.

Augmented reality for maintenance allows you to combine efficiency and effectiveness in the management of reports, thanks to the usability and reliability of the system.

In the case of an electrical problem, for example, with augmented reality the customer has the possibility of being visually guided in maintenance: using a tablet or viewer, he frames the machine, thus receiving superimposed indications on the location of the damage and the procedures to follow.

The technology also makes it possible to define the type of tool needed for repair, as well as the force to be exerted for a specific mechanism or piece.

augmented reality application for remote maintenance

Augmented reality for training

Augmented reality facilitates on-the-job training of technicians, reducing learning times and encouraging the growth of skills within the automation manufacturing company.

Anything that could be contained in paper instruction manuals or product sheets becomes present on the assembly line, giving employees the opportunity to learn in the field and interactively. This also helps any update or training on a new product, which takes place in a totally intuitive and fast way, with a significant saving in terms of time and effort.

augmented reality application for automation manufacturing training

Augmented reality for design

Streamline the industrial automation manufacturing process, making the design of new components quick and easy.

Augmented reality allows you to test the qualities of an element even before physically realizing it, avoiding long and expensive prototyping or production steps.

Furthermore, augmented reality facilitates the development process, stimulating active discussion on the expected result and speeding up changes for the approval phase.

augmented reality application for automation manufacturing design

Vection creates customized augmented reality solutions for companies operating in the automation manufacturing sector.

Thanks to its skills and the expertise gained with leading industries such as Coesia and Philip Morris, Vection is the ideal partner in the digital transformation of companies.

By David

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