Get 3D: extraordinary realism to communicate your products to the world.

Your new project or product needs to express itself to the fullest. Vection creates photorealistic 3D models starting from your CAD or recreating them from scratch, based on technical drawings or photographs.

Objects of all sizes, cars and boats, virtual characters, mechanical components or entire production lines, architecture and furnishing elements: for any sector Vection provides 3D models with surprising graphic detail.


Areas of application

Show a ultra-realistic object.
  • You amaze showing objects rich in details, with hyper-realistic precision, like not even a photographic shot could do
  • Create your library of 3D products / projects to be used for promotional and advertising purposes without having to resort to expensive photo shoots.
Use 3D models in amazing marketing tools.
  • Insert 3D models in a 3D Configurator, or in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality experiences to further develop your marketing action.
  • Show your customer a product or project that is still under construction.
Check the validity of your ideas during the design phase.
  • Test the qualities of a product or project before it is even physically realized.