Design and edit your CAD project from
scratch in Virtual Reality.

Lower export time and accelerate product development process: CAD and VR have never been so integrated, offering such a disruptive and immersive design experience.

With Mindesk you can also work along with a colleague on the same CAD model: while you modify it in Virtual Reality mode, the other person can intervene through desktop.

It supports Rhino, Grasshopper, SolidWorks and Unreal Engine.

Areas of application

Visualize your CAD ptoject in real-time via Virtual Reality and easily correct any mistake.
  • Improve your projects in real-time, lowering export time up to 1,000 times
  • Fine-tune your ideas, avoiding costs deriving from design mistakes
  • Realize real-time prototypes collaboratively, avoiding several intermediate steps
Present your vision effectively to clients and get their approval faster.
  • Show your product in Virtual Reality mode, thus providing a more complete and amazing view of your project