Vection Technologies to acquire JMC Group


Vection Technologies Ltd (ASX:VR1) has signed a binding agreement to acquire JMC Group.

JMC Group is a European technology company that specialised in the ICT segment and high-level integrated hardware solutions.

Vection Technologies joins forces with JMC Group for enhanced XR applications

Also known for being a DELL Platinum and OEM partner, JMC Group operates in the design, development and delivery of business ICT infrastructures.

Thanks to the strong background in Extended Reality (XR), Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), JMC Group stands out as a pre-eminent provider in its industry.

Vection Technologies is proud to be joining forces with this European ICT company and thus contribute to boosting opportunities in the domain of immersive technologies, namely Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Those activities represent the core of Vection’s operations, together with 3D real-time configuration/rendering/modelling, FrameS collaborative platform and Mindesk.

As an extended reality and real-time software organisation, Vection Technologies’ acquisition of JMC Group is also aimed at fostering business expansion within the EMEA region while further integrating the current service and product portfolio toward a 360°industry 4.0 suite that comprises IoT, AI and ICT.

JMC's steady growth history is expected to supply a more robust foundation for the combined group as it grows within the Europe, Middle East and Africa areas.

Vection Technologies & JMC Group new perspectives on AI

Among JMC Group’s innovative solutions, Corporate Digital Twin and AI offer a further perspective on the future development of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for business purposes.

JMC Group owns the JTotem brand, which promotes “Made in Italy” AI kiosks in the Safety & Digital Communication field. As such, the Innovation Center of JMC Group, located in the HQ in Milan (Cassano D’Adda), will help Vection Technologies to strengthen the focus on AI & Corporate Digital Twin methodologies with the help of Virtual Reality.

In fact, there are design and modelling consulting services collected in VR4U that can help companies to speed up technology acquisition. In the Innovation Center, the R&D team will continue the continuous development of the AI kiosk solution.

Gianmarco Biagi, Managing Director of Vection Technologies, commented that this transaction represents a significant step in the company's vertical growth strategy to assist companies in their digital transformation plans via next-generation integrated XR, ICT and AI solutions.

"Vection's executive team is adhering to the stated growth strategy to establish itself as a global technology company with a strong XR foundation, deeply integrated with innovative enabling technologies (including AI)and strong vertical competencies. Via this acquisition we gain a significant technological and geographical advantage and the addition of key management within the European region, unlocking significant global growth opportunities for the Company. We remain focussed on completing our 2021 M&A acquisition strategy via the expansion in the U.S. whilst progressing on our previously stated commercial objectives."

In commenting on the acquisition, JMC's Founder & CEO, Jacopo Merli, said "we share Vection's global vision of bringing together next-gen technologies with XR to enable companies to make the leap to the fourth industrial revolution. We are truly excited to pursue this opportunity and to grow the combined business across the EMEA region and abroad in the coming months.”

The acquisition by Vection Technologies of JMC Group follows the one of Blank Canvas architectural visualisation studio and envisions a global expansion path, with the objective of empowering interaction among the most cutting-edge technologies and ICT hardware infrastructures.

Vection helps international companies improve their process performance through customised solutions based on the latest advancements in AR, VR and 3D.

Discover how these technologies can make a difference in your daily business.

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