The collaborative platform to view your 3D projects in Virtual Reality and allowing you to develop your product faster and cheaper.
with less time and costs.

FrameS is the collaborative platform in Virtual Reality (VR) created to help companies improve product development processes. Thanks to our fully immersive VR technology, FrameS transports users into a virtual environment to view, manage and customize 3D models in real time.

With FrameS you optimize work times and product development costs: the multi-user collaborative feature makes design processes more efficient allowing you to reach the prototyping phase without having to build intermediate physical models.

Remote collaboration up to 6 users connected the same environment.



How does it work

FrameS allows you to import 3D models - previously exported from CAD or other 3D software (VRED, MAYA, 3DSMAX, Deltagen, Solidworks, Solidedge, Rhino) - in .fbx and .obj formats, for their visualization and customization through a virtual reality viewer.

Remote collaboration up to 6 users connected the same environment.

Use it for

FrameS revolutionizes the way of thinking about the design of industrial products or projects. The collaborative and immersive design makes the process more precise and effective. The platform thus supports the Research & Development and Design phases, fostering collaboration between designers and engineers, who interact with 3D models in real time.
FrameS allows you to easily import your projects and live them in order to make them effective. Studying the use of space as never before, creating, seeing and testing the most daring associations of materials today is possible thanks to virtual reality. Designers, architects, interior and exterior designers can find in FrameS the new answer to their needs.
Endless customizations for endless opportunities: thanks to the availability of many materials and finishes, FrameS anticipates the aesthetic characteristics of the product, thus testing its potential without the need to create a physical prototype. The different environments in which the product can be placed increases its level of realism.
Explore a new machine, learn to use it properly, check the HMI design, detect any ergonomic errors by having real people work on virtual instruments. Here are some small examples of using FrameS in the educational field. Giving efficiency through training in VR, through a platform without limits and without risks.
From large industrial plants to fashion accessories, including new car models: with FrameS the product looks exactly like it will be in reality. Thanks to the exciting immersive experience of VR, the customer will have a clear understanding of the product, from its aesthetic characteristics to the way it will occupy the space.


Design review and design personalization are particularly accurate, allowing unlimited customization of the product, avoiding design errors in advance and saving prototyping costs. Product presentations - immersive, realistic and three-dimensional - improve internal communication with the
  • Reduced product development times
  • cost reduction
  • Improvement of design processes
  • Better product communication
  • Increase sales
  • Activate new training courses