All around the world, consumers are increasingly adapting to Augmented Reality (AR):

In their lives and as this is happening, the thought of this amazing technology in a business setting becomes easier to accept.

In fact, companies worldwide are adopting Augmented Reality to improve their sales processes, enabling the configuration of multiple complex products and their visualisation in the physical world.

Vection’s AR solutions are real-time, easy-to-use and efficient: they’ll help you manage tasks like training, remote technical assistance, HMI, 3D animations and product presentations in a new, very effective and surprising way

Just mix real with digital and imagine how amazing it would be to display your virtual products into the real world - like for example seeing your brand new sofa into your own living room or a complete production line placed into an empty area at your facility, or even the avatar of a digital speaker telling the story of your company or giving technical information about your own products… and these are just a few of the many diverse possibilities offered by this incredibly versatile technology!

Augment your reality and reduce your costs,

with Vection’s powerful end-to-end,

ERP integrated interface solution.